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Jameela Lares jameela.lares at usm.edu
Mon Sep 29 11:29:07 EDT 2014

I ran into a question on the Milton list and wondered if anyone here had any thoughts.  Briefly, someone in Italy asked why he did not see much Milton in Tolkien, with my taking the position that despite the fact that both men wrote epics, Milton would hardly have been to Tolkien's creative tastes.  As threads do, this one became diffuse. One of the older listmembers hadheard Tolkien lecture at Oxford.  Well, actually, he couldn't hear, so he stopped going. So I mentioned that DWJ stayed in a Tolkien lecture all term.  At which point it struck me that I have never particularly noticed Milton in DWJ, either, though I can't see any particular reason that she would make use of him. I don't even remember hearing if she particular read him or commented on him, but it is a bad grading (marking) period for me right now, so there is no telling what I usually know.

So my question is if DWJ said anything about Milton or made any recognizable use of him in her works.  

(By the way, I often make the provocative comment to my students at the beginning of a Milton course that he summarized everything that came before him and influenced everything that came after.  As a provocative statement, it has its uses.  I also believe it, most days.  Even Tolkien taught Paradise Lost, books 1-2.)


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