[DWJ] Now on large totes

D.J. Natelson debrisoftheages at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 19 10:53:49 EDT 2014

Yep, and I bought a large tote. :)  It turned out to be too big for groceries, so I'm using it to haul all sorts of other stuff around on car trips, for which it's just right.  I'm pleased that it's quite sturdy. Thanks for making it available!

Irina Rempt wrote:

> D.J. Natelson wrote:
>   I'd also be interested in a large tote bag, if that makes any difference.
> Yes, me too (as I already said on Kathleen's blog, I think)

I can't remember if I updated you, but I have made the "I belong to
Chrestomanci Castle" image available on large cushions and totes.


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