[DWJ] Enchanted Glass in The Game

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Thu Sep 18 09:17:10 EDT 2014

> needed to be repaired.  I suppose, provided that it is the same shed, that
> the property could have come in Jocelyn Brandon's possession after all the
> aunts and cousins returned to the mythosphere.  I'm not sure if it
> specifically mentions in The Game where that house is, so it could very
> well be the same as the one in Melstone, England in Enchanted Glass.  I was
> wondering if anyone else had any thoughts or theories on this?

Wow!  That I had not spotted.

My memories are fairly hazy, but I think that two points militate 
against this: (a) I think the house where they all play the Game is in 
Ireland, not England; and (b) the property at Melstone had been in the 
Brandon family for some generations.  It is a Brandon ancestor who was 
forced to sign the concessions to Brown, and I imagine that keeping the 
shed covered up (and in place, all that time) was part of this.

I think it more likely that that design of shed had a particular 
purpose, and they crop up in various fields of care.

On a similar note, have I mentioned here before the connections between 
Enchanted Glass and Time of the Ghost?

First, when Andrew visits O Brown, the misdirection spells try and fail 
to send him down a road to Melford; this is the surname of the Ghost 
family.  Secondly, the Dream Landscape in TotG is very like the 
landscape around Melstone.  Not just the chalk downland: the "private 
gallops keep out" could easily by Ronnie Stock's.  I, however, would 
hate to be the human agent looking after Monigan's field of care - a 
role that the Melford girls seem to have taken on inadvertently.


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