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Book-Howl is one of the most precisely age-specified characters in all 
of DWJ.  On Midsummer Day he is 10,000 days old.  That makes him 27, 
with a birthday round about 5 February, depending on exactly when you 
think Midsummer Day is, and assuming the calendar in Ingary is the same 
as in Wales and that time moves at the same rate in both worlds...

(Yes, I am a geek.  Why do you ask?)

Carol Carr wrote:
> If Michael were depicted as the boy of 15 or 16 that he is, instead of a
> child of 10, it would have been better. I have seen some awful
> illustrations that suggested Howl was about 16 and Michael about 8. Poor
> Sophie, she needs Howl to be at least 20!
> On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 4:55 AM, Philip Belben<philip at axeside.co.uk>  wrote:
>> Watching the Miyazaki *Howl* on Sunday got me to wondering whether
>>> Markl/Michael's habit of donning a beard before greeting visitors to the
>>> Porthaven and Kingsbury entrances of the castle might be a subtle nod to
>>> *Dark
>>> Lord*. Though in truth it made him look more like a dwarf than a wizard.
>>> Any thoughts?
>> Did anybody answer Cathy's question?
>> It's many years since I saw that film, but I would connect the beard with
>> those two cloaks of disguise that Michael and Sophie used in the book - one
>> made you look like a man with a beard, the other like a horse.  I think
>> Howl even told Sophie to "take off that awful beard" or something at one
>> point.
>> Philip.
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