[DWJ] Hello again, and beards

Catherine Butler cathcbutler at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 11:22:26 EDT 2014

I'm so pleased my experience appears to have chimed with that of other
people! Kyra, your day in Venice with Thomas Mann puts me in mind of
reading Jill Paton Walsh's *Goldengrove *and* Unleaving* on Porthminster
Beach in St Ives, with those books (and their own palimpsestuous
relationship with *To the Lighthouse*) bleeding through. Heady days, aye
and hearty ones too.

I quite enjoyed *Arriety*, and I'll be interested to see *When Marnie Was
There*, which I notice has just come out in Japan. I enjoyed the book, but
since it's (surely?) far more obscure than *The Borrowers* I was surprised
to hear that Studio Ghibli was tackling it at all. Can *Tom's Midnight
Garden* and *Marianne Dreams* be far behind?


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