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Cathy, leaving aside the citation of *me, *thank you so much for posting
the article.  I really like how you take the topic and open it out to
become something very meaningful and profound, staking a claim for the
importance of your way of reading and reading in general - a very moving
and powerful speech.  I am of course reminded of the day I planned out and
spent reading *Death in Venice* in Venice, as well as my goal to someday go
to the rather obscure town of Santa Ynez in California because it's where a
substantial amount of *Hitherby Dragons* is set - your paper was
particularly resonant to me because the idea of literary pilgrimage is
very, very real to me.

---Kyra, also regretting the responsibilities that prevented me from being
able to attend this conference and hoping to get as much info about it as
possible on-list (and nearly crying at the quotation on Twitter: "Settle
for what you can get, but first ask for the world," because yes, yes, a
thousand times yes)

On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 3:07 AM, Catherine Butler <cathcbutler at gmail.com>

> I only took two photos the whole time I was there, but this was one of
> them... https://www.flickr.com/photos/33877273@N00/15177387001/.
> For anyone who's interested, I've put the text of my keynote online here:
> https://www.academia.edu/8239993/Enchanting_Places_Readers_and_Pilgrimage_in_the_Novels_of_Diana_Wynne_Jones
> Cathy
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