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oh, that's interesting, given that her public statement on the film was
that she "quite liked it." (There is a short video readily available on
Youtube in which she's being interviewed about it).

Miyazaki, in a 2005 interview with *Newsweek *reporter Devin Gordon, said
that HMC was "profoundly affected by the war in Iraq" which the US had just
begun; he was quite angry about it, apparently. So, whereas WWII
undoubtedly did affect him in a more indirect sense, as it did Jones,
current affairs at the time were a more direct influence on that film. Too
much so, IMO, no matter what one thinks about that situation.

thanks, Nic.


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On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 11:30 AM, Nic W <eawil3 at email.wm.edu> wrote:

> When I was lucky enough to visit DWJ in 2007, she asked me what I'd thought
> of the movie, since Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite book in the world
> ever.  I was hesitant to criticize, but told her that I'd hoped it would be
> a closer adaptation.  (I'd have been happy to see a movie as faithful as
> the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries.  Six hours of HMC incorporating
> practically every line of dialog from the book?  YES PLEASE.)  She laughed
> and said that she'd enjoyed some adaptations of her work, but though she
> liked Miyazaki, she felt kind of as if she'd "sold Howl and Sophie into
> slavery" with the rights for the movie.
> She did say something else about it that fascinated me:  Both she and
> Miyazaki had felt the impact of World War II, but obviously not the same
> way.  She said she thinks that the differences in their experiences are why
> she put the big war between two books - after Howl's Moving Castle but
> before Castle in the Air - and dealt with it indirectly, while Miyazaki
> made it more immediate, moving it into the middle of HMC.
> - Nic

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