[DWJ] Hello again, and beards

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Mon Sep 8 12:36:03 EDT 2014

On Mon, 8 Sep 2014, Martha Hixon wrote:
> "domesticity" in what way? I'm not disagreeing at all, just asking for
> elucidation on this point.

DWJ books, I think, often have great respect for the small details of
peoples' lives, the minutae of living: school cafeteria food, getting
magically summoned while wearing a dressing gown, construction workers
endlessly performing meaningless construction on your street. In the case
of Howl's Moving Castle, much of that is shown in the way Sophie performs
her role as housekeeper: making bacon, cleaning a messy bathroom, examining
haircare products, sweeping.

Coming at it from an entirely different direction, I think that Miyazaki
also has a great respect for the minutae of living. You might be living on
an airship, or a mine, or as a grade school-age witch above the bakery, or
as a fish/girl/Valkyrie. But in all those cases you still need to sit down
and make some ramen, take a nap, light a candle in the dark, wrap up in a

I think those intersected well in the HMC movie, and what didn't work was
bigger picture issues: the need to make Howl into a much more epically Good
guy; the higher global stakes; the seriousness.


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