[DWJ] "Oh my stomach, my stomach"

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> Strong reminders of the contest between David's relations in Eight
> Days of Luke in this account of when Joyce met Proust:
> http://www.lrb.co.uk/blog/2014/10/27/ben-jackson/mais-non-monsieur/

Diana once said she had Aunts who did much the same, trumping each
others' ailments until she was afraid that one or other "would one day
claim bubonic plague."

This may have been an exaggeration, since on another occasion she
recounted two aunts in the same town not speaking to each other at all
(perhaps that was later, or different aunts, or they asked after the
other and then trumped it?) so that if you went and saw one for tea you
also had to go and see the other for tea, lest one find out she had not
been visited and take terrible offence. Her sons would bulge with food
after the second tea, and her husband would politely claim to each that
he never ate at that time of day, and then have to have a sandwich later
to sustain him until supper.


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