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Same here, please!

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>Me too, please.
>On 07/10/14 11:50, Steinke, Gabriela M. wrote:
>> I'd like to read it, too, please.
>> Gaby
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>> After quite a long pause I'd like to start up the monthly read along
>> The last thing we were reading was Wild Robert, also "The Master" and
>> Person".
>> I confess I forgot to read the short fiction, and will have to catch up
>> that when I have access to my books again at the end of the month.  But
>> don't wait for me, go and discuss!
>> This month we are reading Castle in the Air and "Mela Worms".  "Mela
>> has only been published in the anthology Arrows of Eros edited by Alex
>> Steward.  I have a copy, but I suspect it is hard to find and I suspect
>> story is odd enough it's unlikely to be reprinted.  Would I be breaking
>> copyright law if I was to send copies to those wanted to read it for the
>> purposes of review?
>> Kylie
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