[DWJ] Age in F&H

Janet Eastwood janet.eastwood at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 7 17:14:33 EDT 2014

Eleanor, my sincere and embarrassed apologies. Thank you for figuring out Howl's birthday! If only DWJ had given us Sophie's as well, we'd all have to have a party on that day. Perhaps May Day will serve, instead. (Could you consider my questions to Kyla addressed to you, as well? And to any interested list members.) If you don't mind me using your calculations, how can I cite you? 

Hallie's right, it is The Perilous Gard, from chapter 11 "The Cold Iron," in my copy p. 208-210. Kate tries to explain to the Lady that there is no need to pay the teind, because Christ paid it once for all and gave his power to all people, whether they know it or not. 
"The Lady drew a long breath. Then she lifted her head at last, and her eyes were shining.'This is a great thing you have shown me,' she said. 'For it means that when we take his life tonight, we can take the Other Life also, to add its strength to our own; and that is even more than I thought we could get from him.'" (210)


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