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I'd like to read it, too, please.


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After quite a long pause I'd like to start up the monthly read along again.

The last thing we were reading was Wild Robert, also "The Master" and "Chair

I confess I forgot to read the short fiction, and will have to catch up with
that when I have access to my books again at the end of the month.  But
don't wait for me, go and discuss!

This month we are reading Castle in the Air and "Mela Worms".  "Mela Worms"
has only been published in the anthology Arrows of Eros edited by Alex
Steward.  I have a copy, but I suspect it is hard to find and I suspect the
story is odd enough it's unlikely to be reprinted.  Would I be breaking
copyright law if I was to send copies to those wanted to read it for the
purposes of review?


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