[DWJ] Philip Pullman and CS Lewis (was RE: Incoherent Notes on THB and Shelley)

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I've written an essay on the C.S.Lewis/Philip Pullman matter, which is
published in this book:


Cathy paraphrased it perfectly when I told her about it: Pullman was trying
so specifically to not be Lewis that there's a big Lewis-shaped hole in his

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> On Wed, 1 Oct 2014, Janet Eastwood wrote:
>> Deborah, would you mind expanding on Pullman being of Lewis's party
>> without realizing it? I can see the similarities in the heroic
>> adventure, children growing up and sacrificing (not necessarily in that
>> order), battling corrupt adults, and allying with good, Otherized
>> adults/forces, but for all its beauty, Pullman's writing has an anger in
>> it that I don't see in Lewis's. (I would love it if he were,
>> though!)
> The way I read the trilogy, especially The Amber Spyglass, is
> that there's a metaphysics that is exactly like CS Lewis's, and
> the only thing that has been made topsy-turvy is which is good
> and which is bad. I might say that the trilogy *agrees* the
> nylons and boys will bring you out of the kingdom of heaven -- it
> just thinks that's a *good* thing.
> In fact, it's pretty explicit that puberty and emergent sexuality
> causes the death of Innocence. It's just that the Narnia books
> see permanent Innocence (especially as embodied in Lucy) as the
> ideal which leads to endless youth. And the HDM books see
> permanent Innocence as a creeping horror which intercision was
> attempting to create.
> -deborah
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