[DWJ] Incoherent Notes on THB and Shelley

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Wed Oct 1 21:49:51 EDT 2014

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> Two notes:
> 1. Kyra's notes are so awesomely extensive that I actually had to
> push them through the mailing list software manually because it
> assumed the message that long couldn't possibly be legitimate.
> \o/
> Thanks not only for the compliment but also for the effort to facilitate
my communication with the world ;-)

> 2. Every time I think about Milton in conversation with later
> English literature, I think about Blake, but I'm not sure where I
> would go with connecting Blake to DWJ. Although now that I am
> saying that I feel like there is probably something awesome to
> say about William Blake  and Homework Bounders.
> Goodness, the more I think about that the more  I want to explore
> it. It was mostly just noodling at first, given how Blakian
> Helen's world can feel, but now I am thinking about Innocence and
> Experience and Jamie and... Somebody write me this paper, okay?
> Oh, wow, I want to read this paper too!  I *love* Blake - like, as in I
spent a month once memorizing "The Book of Thel" and still have the second
to last stanza memorized (it's one of the mantras I repeat when I can't
handle life anymore) - but I have never studied him formally and therefore
feel like I know very little about him.

> -deborah

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