[DWJ] Incoherent Notes on THB and Shelley

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Wed Oct 1 13:00:51 EDT 2014

Kyra, I hate to spoil the story about Plotinus, but I think that's 
probably a mistranslation. I suspect the apparent reference to 
menstruation has more to do with contemporary theories of embryology, 
and he means something more like what we would call protoplasm -- raw 
people-stuff. In other words, beauty isn't about flesh and blood.

Helen Schinske

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-"Now what is the beauty here? It has nothing to do with the blood or 
menstrual process." -Plotinus, "On the Intellectual Beauty"
<http://thriceholy.net/Texts/Ennead5.html#eighth> (This has nothing to 
with DWJ or Shelley, but I just needed to quote it because Plotinus 
does say: "Why do we think women are beautiful? It certainly isn't 
they menstruate!" and I think that is the funniest thing anyone has said

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