[DWJ] Incoherent Notes on THB and Shelley

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Kyra, thank you! 
Your "awesomely extensive" notes are fascinating! DWJ was so deliberate about it. I will have to reread THB and get around to Shelley (and probably the rest of the Romantics after that). (Argh!) (But really, thanks.) 

Deborah, would you mind expanding on Pullman being of Lewis's party without realizing it? I can see the similarities in the heroic adventure, children growing up and sacrificing (not necessarily in that order), battling corrupt adults, and allying with good, Otherized adults/forces, but for all its beauty, Pullman's writing has an anger in it that I don't see in Lewis's. (I would love it if he were, though!) 

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> Two notes:
> 1. Kyra's notes are so awesomely extensive that I actually had to push them through the mailing list software manually because it assumed the message that long couldn't possibly be legitimate. \o/
> 2. Every time I think about Milton in conversation with later English literature, I think about Blake, but I'm not sure where I would go with connecting Blake to DWJ. Although now that I am saying that I feel like there is probably something awesome to say about William Blake  and Homework Bounders.
> Goodness, the more I think about that the more  I want to explore it. It was mostly just noodling at first, given how Blakian Helen's world can feel, but now I am thinking about Innocence and Experience and Jamie and... Somebody write me this paper, okay?
> (The children's fantasy author I usually want to talk about in relation to Blake is of course Philip Pullman, although  probably not in a way Pullman would approve of.  His Dark Material is so lovingly influenced by  Blake in many ways, and yet  what it always makes me think of is the way that William Blake said of Milton that he was of the devil's party without knowing it. And what I often find about  the HDM trilogy is that for all it seems to be so infuriated with CS Lewis all the time, it seems very much to be of CS Lewis's party without knowing it.)
> -deborah


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