[DWJ] Is this a first edition?

Carol Carr coracleg at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 06:26:55 EST 2014

I bought a hardback copy of Charmed Life recently in a secondhand shop. It
has no cover, but it has 208 numbered pages (there is a 209 not numbered),
is printed in 1977, says "first published in 1977" and no subsequent dates.
It has been a library book, and there is a handwritten date of aquisition
The title page just says, simply "Charmed Life" in lovely italics, followed
by DIANA WYNNE JONES in block capitals. At the bottom of the page is a
large M for Macmillan.
Without the cover will I be able to confirm if it's a first edition?

Any help will be appreciated.

Carol Carr, NZ

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