[DWJ] Mela Worms

slwones at gmail.com slwones at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 17:30:22 EST 2014

I've lost track of whether or not this is the right month to discuss Mela
Worms but since the electronic copies seem to have now been distributed I
hope enough people have read it that my diving in is OK.

I enjoyed the story (especially since it was a DWJ piece I'd never read
before, yay!) and thought it felt a lot like a comic Bujold piece. Although
when Fingi was weaving her way through the cargo bay to catch the Mela
Worms I was strongly reminded of Rupert making his way through the
staircase party in Deep Secret.

I read Mela Worms in the actual short story compilation and in that context
it was easily the story I liked the most. Several of the others were just
yuck and some confusing.  Aside from the DWJ story my favorite part of the
book was the back cover text, "It was a late night bar after a writers'
conference when, as can happen, the subject of sex and SF came up.
Imaginations were lubricated. Fingers began to itch in anticipation of the
firm but yielding touch of the keyboard. The idea became a concept. Another
round was bought. The concept hardened into a project." Just thought those
of you who read the story on its own might appreciate the context.


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