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I can think of quite a lot of people in sf fandom who are huge fans of
Postgate. May I put a version of this on my facebook page?

On 9 November 2014 19:09, Emma Falconer <emmajanefalconer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone. I was the one who did the DWJ zine people here seemed to
> like so much. I'm currently rejigging it so that there's an ebook version
> and also making the print version standard a5 size for easier printing.
> (I'll let people know when it's done) It was always planned to be part of a
> series, with each issue tackling a different author. The next two issues
> are about Edith Nesbit and Oliver Postgate, and I'd love to have a couple
> of articles from other people, and here seemed like it would be full of
> suitable people. I can't pay I'm afraid, because I don't make any money
> from doing this, but of course I will send free copies for you to thrust
> upon your friends and relatives. In tone I'm looking for not too formally
> academic, but not "OMG Oswald Bastable is SOOOOO handsome" either. I
> especially like articles where people say what their favourite work by that
> author is and explain why they like it so much.
> If there's any articles you'd like to propose can you email me at
> emmajanefalconer at gmail.com
> Here's some of what I'm planning to write about so far:
> *E. Nesbit:*
> General discussion about the Bastables and their exploits
> Wishes in her magical books and how they backfire
> Nesbit's politics, Fabian society, how it was of its time and would be
> radically altered by WW1 etc
> Review of A Woman of Passion biography
> Discussion of The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt (and will try to get an
> interview too)
> *Oliver Postgate:*
> General discussion about the aesthetic and storytelling of his films
> The influence of Dylan Thomas on Oliver Postgate
> Account of trip to Canterbury museum to see the puppets for real
> Clangers knitting pattern (if I get permission)
> Review of his autobiography
> Discussion of his politics
> Hopefully an interview with a relative
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