[DWJ] Edith Nesbit and Oliver Postgate

Emma Falconer emmajanefalconer at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 14:09:12 EST 2014

Hello everyone. I was the one who did the DWJ zine people here seemed to
like so much. I'm currently rejigging it so that there's an ebook version
and also making the print version standard a5 size for easier printing.
(I'll let people know when it's done) It was always planned to be part of a
series, with each issue tackling a different author. The next two issues
are about Edith Nesbit and Oliver Postgate, and I'd love to have a couple
of articles from other people, and here seemed like it would be full of
suitable people. I can't pay I'm afraid, because I don't make any money
from doing this, but of course I will send free copies for you to thrust
upon your friends and relatives. In tone I'm looking for not too formally
academic, but not "OMG Oswald Bastable is SOOOOO handsome" either. I
especially like articles where people say what their favourite work by that
author is and explain why they like it so much.

If there's any articles you'd like to propose can you email me at
emmajanefalconer at gmail.com

Here's some of what I'm planning to write about so far:

*E. Nesbit:*
General discussion about the Bastables and their exploits
Wishes in her magical books and how they backfire
Nesbit's politics, Fabian society, how it was of its time and would be
radically altered by WW1 etc
Review of A Woman of Passion biography
Discussion of The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt (and will try to get an
interview too)

*Oliver Postgate:*
General discussion about the aesthetic and storytelling of his films
The influence of Dylan Thomas on Oliver Postgate
Account of trip to Canterbury museum to see the puppets for real
Clangers knitting pattern (if I get permission)
Review of his autobiography
Discussion of his politics
Hopefully an interview with a relative

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