[DWJ] Unknown Connections

Janet Eastwood janet.eastwood at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 5 14:50:42 EST 2014

> Zachary Sparks wrote: My second question was whether or not anyone who had gone to the conference got to look at the manuscript or any notes on Diana's short story "Dragon Reserve, Home Eight." It's one of her short stories that I always seem to like more and more every time I read it, but I also always get the impression that it was supposed to be part of a larger sequence, similar to the way that "Everard's Ride" was meant to be a series.
Zachary, somehow I have the impression that Diana said that "Dragon Reserve, Home Eight" was a very early story from what became the Chrestomanci multiverse. She's written it before the world(s) took the shape they did, which is why it sticks out as being different, but does have the feel that it belongs to a larger series - because when she wrote it, she knew it was going to, she just hadn't figured out how everything fit together yet. 
I didn't go to the conference, and I can't find where I got this impression from. I either read it in a collection that had "Dragon Reserve, Home Eight" (Diana also said that she submitted it to a collecting being edited by Robin McKinley, who rejected it on the grounds that it didn't fit the collection; Diana's reaction was something like: fair enough, it didn't, I knew it would but it didn't yet), or in Reflections: On the Magic of Writing, which I can't look up for you because I'm holding out for a copy with a beautiful blue or white cover, and not the drab black one. Hope that helps. 
"Evarard's Ride" was meant to be a series? Can anybody tell me more about this? 



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