[DWJ] Unknown Connections

Zachary Sparks rykien at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 14:16:25 EST 2014

I have a couple of questions this time around.  First, I was looking online
for signed copies of Diana's work and one of the search results that keeps
coming up on Abebooks is "The Stone Angel and The Stone Man" by Frances
Bellerby.  I can't understand why this keeps coming up since the
description makes no mention of Diana anywhere.  Unfortunately, I can't
seem to find an online preview since it seems to be an obscure title from
the 1950's.  Does anyone know if there is an actual connection to Diana, or
is this just some sort of search engine glitch?
My second question was whether or not anyone who had gone to the conference
got to look at the manuscript or any notes on Diana's short story "Dragon
Reserve, Home Eight."  It's one of her short stories that I always seem to
like more and more every time I read it, but I also always get the
impression that it was supposed to be part of a larger sequence, similar to
the way that "Everard's Ride" was meant to be a series.

Thanks in advance!
-Zachary Sparks

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