[DWJ] Diana Wynne Jones conference in Newcastle - important news!

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Wed May 7 09:36:53 EDT 2014

Thank you, Lucy.

And now I'm a little worried, because I registered for the conference 
sometime on Easter weekend, but haven't been contacted about this (or 
anything except receipt of payment, I think).  Have I fallen through a 


On 07/05/14 12:16, Lucy Pearson wrote:
> Dear all,
> If you've registered for the upcoming Diana Wynne Jones conference in
> Newcastle already, or have submitted a paper, you'll have already received
> this news. However, I wanted to hit the list as well as I know quite a few
> people were hoping to come and haven't yet decided, and there is somewhat
> time sensitive news. If you know people who are pondering attending but
> won't have seen this message do let them know about this.
> Very unexpectedly, the Great North Run turns out to be taking place the day
> after the conference. This is a bit of a nightmare as the GNR is a big
> event and hotels in  Newcastle tend to get very booked up. It's normally
> two weeks later (and the early date hadn't been announced when we set the
> conference date) so this is a shock.
> So - if you are planning to come to the conference, we recommend booking
> accommodation asap! We're looking into some solutions and will let people
> know if and when we get a better deal somewhere, but wanted to give as many
> people as possible a heads-up in advance.
> The main conference will start at 9.30 on Friday 5th September and run to
> c. 6pm on Saturday 6th September (hopefully more like 5, but we're building
> in some slack). There is a screening of Howl's Moving Castle at the
> Tyneside Cinema on Sunday which will finish no later than 4pm, hosted by
> Junko Nishimura (Diana's Japanese translator) and Akie Kishino.
> The hotels will be more or less normal on the Thursday and Friday, so if
> you aren't planning to stay for the Sunday you may wish to head out
> straight after the end of the conference on Saturday night. If you do want
> Saturday night accommodation and are finding it difficult to find something
> affordable in Newcastle, Durham is only a ten minute train ride away and is
> a very nice place to visit.
> On a positive note we have had some GREAT paper submissions - sadly more
> than we could fit in - and it should be a brilliant event.
> Yours in some mortification.
> Lucy
>   http://conferences.ncl.ac.uk/dwj/

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