[DWJ] Diana Wynne Jones conference in Newcastle - important news!

Lucy Pearson lucy.r.pearson at gmail.com
Wed May 7 07:16:37 EDT 2014

Dear all,

If you've registered for the upcoming Diana Wynne Jones conference in
Newcastle already, or have submitted a paper, you'll have already received
this news. However, I wanted to hit the list as well as I know quite a few
people were hoping to come and haven't yet decided, and there is somewhat
time sensitive news. If you know people who are pondering attending but
won't have seen this message do let them know about this.

Very unexpectedly, the Great North Run turns out to be taking place the day
after the conference. This is a bit of a nightmare as the GNR is a big
event and hotels in  Newcastle tend to get very booked up. It's normally
two weeks later (and the early date hadn't been announced when we set the
conference date) so this is a shock.

So - if you are planning to come to the conference, we recommend booking
accommodation asap! We're looking into some solutions and will let people
know if and when we get a better deal somewhere, but wanted to give as many
people as possible a heads-up in advance.

The main conference will start at 9.30 on Friday 5th September and run to
c. 6pm on Saturday 6th September (hopefully more like 5, but we're building
in some slack). There is a screening of Howl's Moving Castle at the
Tyneside Cinema on Sunday which will finish no later than 4pm, hosted by
Junko Nishimura (Diana's Japanese translator) and Akie Kishino.

The hotels will be more or less normal on the Thursday and Friday, so if
you aren't planning to stay for the Sunday you may wish to head out
straight after the end of the conference on Saturday night. If you do want
Saturday night accommodation and are finding it difficult to find something
affordable in Newcastle, Durham is only a ten minute train ride away and is
a very nice place to visit.

On a positive note we have had some GREAT paper submissions - sadly more
than we could fit in - and it should be a brilliant event.

Yours in some mortification.


Lucy Pearson, Lecturer in Children's Literature
Newcastle University Children's Literature Unit

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