[DWJ] Mark Reads Deep Secret

Gillian erikagillian at gmail.com
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If you want to see a particularly funny one, he cold read an April's fools story by John Scalzi and both the original and Mark's reaction  are priceless :). 

And Mark is eligable for the fan writer Hugo :)

By the way, I adored the conversation that just happened about Mark's place and slurs.  After the last couple years reading in fan places it was so wonderful!

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On Wed, 19 Mar 2014, es at historicalfact.com wrote:

> (Also a handy warning to others thinking about listening to the videos
> that there is a lot of swearing in them!)

I don't mind swearing (though I don't do it much myself), I just much prefer
text to audiovisual stuff. Podcasts and instructional videos aren't for me,
either. Though I may try one when I feel like rereading _Deep Secret_ to
figure out whether I want Mark to read it to me :-)


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