[DWJ] Mark Reads Deep Secret

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Wed Mar 19 09:55:43 EDT 2014

Oh, absolutely - I'm all for letting people know if they're being
unintentionally offensive, and i do think that how they react 'oh sh!t,
sorry, ever realised' or 'no, I'm right and you're wrong to be offended'
says a lot about someone.

It was more that some of the comments had a definite flavour of 'this is
deliberate and anyone who says it's a neutral terms is plain wrong' that
grated a bit.


> There are instances where I side-eye DWJ a bit. This one, I just go, "eh,
> not up with the terms," but that doesn't mean I think everyone should have
> my reaction to it. For some, it may matter more. For some it may even be a
> deal-breaker.
> Katta
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