[DWJ] Mark Reads Deep Secret

deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Wed Mar 19 09:53:38 EDT 2014

> (I've had a harder time finding out the
> difference between Roma and Romani in English, but as I understand it, the
> Roma are a subgroup of the Romani, and the word "gypsy" encompasses other
> unrelated people as well.)

Thank you for correcting my terminology. I'm pretty sure that is
the case in English as well.

> There are instances where I side-eye DWJ a bit. This one, I just go, "eh,
> not up with the terms,"

Exactly --  and as you say, standards have changed on this one.
We are using 2014 to talk about a book  published 17 years ago
(holy crap), although even by contemporary standards, while I
know some people try to avoid the word,  you would not believe
some of the awful portrayals of Romani people and Irish travelers
that turn up in books I've reviewed that are published this year.

I really like what you said in your earlier email, that the
people in that community have come up with an ideological stance,
and it's certainly not a harmful one, so good for them for
sticking to it in their house, even if it's not the same one we
would necessarily use in ours.


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