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Wed Mar 19 08:35:37 EDT 2014

Ehsan said...

Ah, I see, that makes sense. I had also wondered why the commenters were
> so cross about the description of Janine at the beginning as well as
> 'gypsyish' - for me, that is just totally neutral and descriptive, and
> it's only the shortened versions or derivatives that are slurs, so that
> explains a lot.

Yes, I found that a bit odd too.  I'd consider "gyppo" an offensive term,
or "pikey", but not "gypsy".  Then again, what do I know - I'm neither a
Roma nor an Irish Traveller.

Katta said...

> >  That site is very restrictive when it comes to slurs of any kind. I was
> > reprimanded once for saying "I'm not nuts about..." So that's worth
> > rememebering if you participate in the comments - swear words are fine,
> > but absolutely no slurs.

Yes, I noticed frequent warnings about the book's using the word "mad",
too, which I'd also never thought of as a slur before.

Mostly, though, that site is making me want to reread the book.  Which can
only be a good thing. :-)

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