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> Browsing the OurDragonsAreDifferent/Literature page on TV Tropes (no 
> link; the site's too addictive) I came across a description of a DWJ 
> story I don't recognise.
> "Yet another one of her short stories was one for The Dragon Book, an 
> anthology. This is one of the better examples, as according to this 
> story dragons are the spiritual manifestation of certain people, who 
> apparently need energy taken from sheep or moving trains or something
> to sustain their dragon selves. Hence the reason medieval dragons
> "ate" sheep; they drained them for energy."
> Looks like it's this book:
> http://www.amazon.com/The-Dragon-Book-Magical-Masters/dp/044101920X
> but is the story available anywhere else?  What's it called?
> Now I've read The Islands of Chaldea, I thought I'd run out of new
> DWJ to read!

258 • JoBoy • (2009) • shortstory by Diana Wynne Jones



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