[DWJ] The Dragon Book

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Fri Mar 7 09:13:49 EST 2014

Browsing the OurDragonsAreDifferent/Literature page on TV Tropes (no 
link; the site's too addictive) I came across a description of a DWJ 
story I don't recognise.

"Yet another one of her short stories was one for The Dragon Book, an 
anthology. This is one of the better examples, as according to this 
story dragons are the spiritual manifestation of certain people, who 
apparently need energy taken from sheep or moving trains or something to 
sustain their dragon selves. Hence the reason medieval dragons "ate" 
sheep; they drained them for energy."

Looks like it's this book:
but is the story available anywhere else?  What's it called?

Now I've read The Islands of Chaldea, I thought I'd run out of new DWJ 
to read!


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