[DWJ] DWJ bookplates?

D.D. xyzzymage at zoho.com
Thu Jul 24 05:35:00 EDT 2014

Philip Belben wrote:
> Dear all,
> Before we go any further, something about the text encoding on this thread means
> I haven't been able to read a single message.  UTF16 the wrong way round, or
> something?  Does anyone know a trick to force Thunderbird to try a different
> encoding?

Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
 > Me too!

(CCing them in case they can't see my reply on-list.)

If Thunderbird still lets users access about:config, you should be able to find 
some relevant preferences in there if you hunt around.  I have the feeling it's 
not just an encoding issue, though... In SeaMonkey, the original messages are 
readable whether I set it to use Western/ISO-8859-1 or Unicode/UTF-8, and the 
part you quoted stays full of garbage characters with both encodings as well.

If you can't find anything in about:config, you might try checking whether the 
messages are readable in a webmail client or SeaMonkey.

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