[DWJ] Monthly Read-Along - Time City

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The time side of things was something I quite enjoyed on a reread.  

Hexwood does my head in.  I've read it twice and could not really keep track
of what was going on even in the reread when I was prepared for it!  That's
one of the ones I'm not looking forward to so much when it comes up in the
monthly list.


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Whereas I was hooked. But then with the exception of DWJ I'm probably more
of an sf reader than a fantasy reader. It was her use of time travel I
loved. She really is awfully clever (compare to Asimov's The End of Eternity
which uses the same notion of Platonic time travel) because most time travel
slip novels opt either for a single change or the elastic band theory of
time in which everything slides back into place. In Jones's world (as in
Time of the Ghost) the present cannot influence the past so if you travel in
time you can't get back to the same future. The book also pairs neatly with
Hexwood in its use of time.


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