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When I first read A Tale of Time City I was horribly disappointed.  It was
the first DWJ book I'd ever read that I thought was just ordinary, and not
absolutely brilliant.  Because of this I had not reread it until last month.

This time, I thought it wasn't so bad.  Not up there with the brilliant
books, but not the let-down I was fearing.

I'm not much good on analysing books, but I tried to pin down what I was so
disappointed in the first time I read it.  I think at least partly it's
because it's more science fiction rather than fantasy.  I don't think DWJ's
SF was nearly as believable as her fantasy.  Her fantasy universes seem to
hang together much better than her SF ones.  I wasn't excited by Time City
as a place and butter pies as a concept.

Reading it this time, it was quite a nice story, but still not as exciting
as her fantasies.


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Time City is a place I want to go; the next best thing is to read and
re-read the book, and I absolutely love its fun, its mystery, its amazingly
inventive author, and its diverse characters.
I wonder if anyone else uses this book as a benchmark for all stories to do
with time and the history of humankind?
(sorry, too late for more than a brief comment, saw this on my way to bed)


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