[DWJ] Monthly Read-Along - Howl's Moving Castle

Katarina Hjärpe katarina.hjarpe at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 07:07:16 EST 2014

2014/1/7 Kylie Ding <kylie_ding at hotmail.com>

> Does anyone else feel that the ending of HMC is rushed?  Even though I've
> read it quite a few times over the years it doesn't stick in my brain, and
> this time I was trying to pinpoint what the problem was.  Everything seemed
> to move really rapidly.  Sophie was striding off into the waste, then all
> of
> the sudden everything was ok and happily ever after was just around the
> corner.

HMC was one of the first of her books I read, and the first I really loved,
so it has affected my expectations and the ending just feels like a given.
I have no recollection of ever thinking the stuff in the Waste was rushed,
though I have come to be amused at her way of throwing everyone in a room

> Dragon Reserve Home Eight is great.  DWJ manages to pack all the good
> things
> she does in her novels into a short story, which is very impressive, and
> which she didn't tend to pull off in shorter work.  It does make me wish
> she's set more in this world.

I've seen a lot of praise for DRHE and to me it's one of her weaker
stories, not because there's anything wrong with it but because nothing
sticks out. The idea is neat, but the characters are vague. Though maybe
it's just that it's a first-person story; most of those tend not to work as
well on me as the third-person ones. (Deep Secret being a huge exception.)


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