[DWJ] Monthly Read-Along - Howl's Moving Castle

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I was thinking more of what happened in the waste than when they were back
at the castle.

The assemble-in-the-drawing-room thing can be really irritating.  This is
not having a go at DWJ, as I don't recall her ever doing it that badly (I'll
be on the lookout for it when Conrad's Fate comes up), but Patricia Wrede at
the end of Mairelon the Magician nearly had me throwing the book across the


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They are all "rushed" in the sense that Jones has a preference for the
Screwball structure. This often works well (think of the tumbling of the
characters into the garden at the end of Charmed Life) but at other times
it's all too Agatha Christie-ish and we all assemble in the drawing room
(Conrad's Fate may be the worst).


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