[DWJ] Monthly Read-Along - Howl's Moving Castle

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Does anyone else feel that the ending of HMC is rushed?  Even though I've
read it quite a few times over the years it doesn't stick in my brain, and
this time I was trying to pinpoint what the problem was.  Everything seemed
to move really rapidly.  Sophie was striding off into the waste, then all of
the sudden everything was ok and happily ever after was just around the

Dragon Reserve Home Eight is great.  DWJ manages to pack all the good things
she does in her novels into a short story, which is very impressive, and
which she didn't tend to pull off in shorter work.  It does make me wish
she's set more in this world.


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This month we are discussing Howl's Moving Castle; also "No One"  found in
(Warlock at the Wheel, Everard's Ride and Minor Arcana) and "Dragon Reserve
Home Eight" (found in Believing is Seeing, Warlock at the Wheel, Everard's
Ride and Minor Arcana).

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