[DWJ] New DWJ book!!!

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Wed Feb 26 13:35:27 EST 2014

Amazon.co.uk informs me today [2/26] that they are shipping my copy.

Of course it's coming by swan boat and mule train to western Colorado ....

On Feb 26, 2014, at 1:48 AM, Carol Carr wrote:

> I thought my copy was being sent this week, but the info on the sending
> site says:
> "The Islands of Chaldea" is not yet released. Your pre-order has been
> recorded.
> This title is due for publication on 27 February 2014. Please note that
> pre-order publication dates may vary slightly as the publication nears
> release.
> (I note that the payment has gone from my bank account now, so let's hope
> it is not too long!)
> - Carol

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