[DWJ] New DWJ book!!!

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Thu Feb 13 15:29:17 EST 2014

On Thu, 13 Feb 2014 20:21:46 +0000
Philip Belben <philip at axeside.co.uk> wrote:

> > I just heard via PW that the last book Diana was working on was
> > finished by her sister Ursula and will be out summer 2014.  I
> > remember the discussion about it some time ago and I'm delighted
> > that we will all finally get our hands on it.  Summer 2014 seems so
> > far away.....
> Am I really the first person here to see this?

The first to write about it, I think!

> I was placing an order with Amazon just now, and the new DWJ popped
> up as a recommendation!  They claim it will be available on 27
> February. I've ordered it, of course.
> Oh, bother.  I was trying to think of other books that needed to go
> on my order, and I completely forgot to add Bryan Davis's "The 
> Candlestone".  Not in the same league as DWJ, but I really enjoyed
> the first book, "Raising Dragons", and I have managed to acquire
> books 3 and 4, but not book 2...

Once people have had a chance to read it I am going to be interested in
hearing at which point they think the DWJ manuscript stopped and her
sister picked it up after it had been transcribed so it was easier to
read (there were only two words which were opaque to everyone even


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