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That's lovely!

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> Fun, Gili!  Thanks!
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> A friend posted on Facebook her 4-year old's version of the Four Sons from
> the Passover Haggada.
> To those of you who are not familiar with Jewish tradition, the four sons
> are mentioned in the Haggada as representatives of four different types of
> children, each of which requires a different educational approach if one is
> to teach them the story of Passover. There is the wise son, the wicked son,
> the simple son, and the son who knows not how to ask questions. There are
> many symbolic interpretations of these characters, in which the four sons
> variously represent different aspects of human nature, different stages of
> personal development, different generations slipping towards assimilation,
> etc.
> Anyway, according to my friend's 4-year old, the story of the four sons
> goes like this: all the sons hated the wicked son, and they ganged up on
> him, and then he said he was sick and tired of this, all he ever wanted to
> be was an astronaut, and he built a spaceship and lifted off to outer
> space.
> To me this very strongly evoked Archer's Goon. I thought about it a bit.
> Hathaway is the wise son, Archer the wicked son, Erskine the simple son,
> and Venturus the son who knows not how to ask questions. And Torquil?
> Torquil is Pharoah, of course!
> Happy spring holidays!
> Gili
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