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It has a lot of similarities! Thank you for that description.

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> Y
> es, the cleaning struck me too! I guess that's a common thread with Howl's
> Moving Castle.
> I was in Liechtenstein for the afternoon the other day (I was working
> teaching a holiday English programme just across the border in Feldkirch in
> Austria), and it reminded me so strongly of House of Many Ways that I had
> to re-read it the next day (this is when having an e-reader for travelling
> comes in so handy!). The main town, Vaduz, has a massive castle on a hill
> overlooking it, and that landscape that you find in that area, where there
> are sudden flat meadows dotted here and there between mountains, and then
> suddenly more mountain.
> It was their late night museum day, so I bought a ticket that covered the
> national museum and the art museum. The national museum was a bit like a
> small town local museum, they had all kinds of local bits and pieces put
> together in a haphazard, but charming way. There was a gallery of paintings
> of all the princes of the country, with a little bio for each. They were
> pretty much all called Hans-Adam, Johann or Aloys, there was a lot of
> nephews becoming the heir, and there were a lot in the 1700s and 1800s who
> were constantly trying to find ways to make the country money, while trying
> experimental animal breeding techniques and buying books. They ran out of
> money in the 50s and 60s and started having to sell off their paintings,
> until they hit on the idea of becoming a tax haven and financial centre in
> the 70s, and stopped being an obscure agricultural backwater. At one time
> they had an army, because they had some kind of  leftover responsibility
> from the Holy Roman Empire to the German Federation to have one, but it
> only ever had about 20 people in it, so they got rid of it as soon as
> Germany re-united, and they weren't members any more.
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