[DWJ] Thoughts on The Children in the Wood (or thoughts inspired by it, rather)

Caroline Mills carrie at pitofdespair.org
Sat Sep 7 16:04:36 EDT 2013

> That happened with us too, come to think of it, at least in school. Not so
> much in the play yard, but we stopped going there as often as we grew
> older. In my teen years, most of my friends were girls, though not all, but
> by then, we (sadly) weren't playing those games anymore. (Though I kept
> playing in my own room, with the blinds drawn.)

Yes, I forgot to say that the boy/girl schism happened about the same 
time that we stopped playing those games.  I continued to immerse myself 
in fantasy worlds through books and imagining continuations to book and 
tv storylines, but I don't think I invented my own worlds or included 
myself in the story after the group play stopped.

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