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Ellen Willcox <eawil3 at email.wm.edu> wrote:

> I have my copy of The Skiver's Guide courtesy of DWJ herself - she
> gave it to me on the occasion when I was lucky enough to visit her.
> I have never seen it for sale here in the US.  Indeed, I hadn't known
> that it existed and had, when I got it, no inkling of what the word
> "skiver" might mean. (Not part of American slang.)  So the book was
> educational for me in more ways than one!  I, too, wondered ow much
> of it had been written from experience . . .

She once told me that most of the skives were her sons' bright notions,
though some are just Well Known Wheezes practically of Beano standard.
It was her husband who (from another book) said "Consider it done"
about things he had no intention of doing, so the sons came by it
honestly; and in fact she had a few of her own which got in, I think.

I have a copy she gave me which had been a Japanese school set text.
It's great fun looking at the glossary at the back and seeing which
words they felt needed explanation.


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