[DWJ] Monthly Read-Along

Katarina Hjärpe katarina.hjarpe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 04:31:24 EST 2013

 I wonder what it is that makes the sense of
> elements left hanging so intriguing and powerful in a Link story when I
> find it frustrating and irritating in a DWJ story.  I'm still not quite
> sure why I find Link's work so effective.

I think it may in part be because she sometimes takes stories we're quite
familiar with, and tell the bits before that we're not so familiar with.
We've all read and seen stories about aliens landing or boys being chased
by monsters, but all the intricacies of *waiting* for the aliens to land or
for the monster to show up are developed in her stories.

There are some where I would want more, like the library story (I can't
remember the name of it now), but it still feels mostly like a glimpse of a
larger world that perhaps doesn't have to be explored.

And I don't want to put down DWJ's stories, which are often lovely in many
ways, but I do sometimes get the feeling that it's chapter 1 (or sometimes
chapter 10) of a book that maybe *should* be told more fully.


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