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You know, I'm not sure why it *doesn't* bother me, because it always bothers
me in other books. The end of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising ends that
way, and I hate it there. But here... maybe because it is portrayed as that
something went wrong with the original splintering of the world; that it
should never have been the way it was, with witches being persecuted in a
world with so much witchcraft, so it was ok. Also, thinking about it - those
kids were all so unhappy! It wasn't like their magic had brought them joy,
or that they were losing part of themselves. Don't get me wrong - I love how
real those kids are (in their unhappiness), it's one of the reasons it's one
of my favourites of DWJ - but I didn't get a sense of loss at the end, more
a sense of possibility - because their magical talents were going to be
replaced with another talent of equal greatness, they just didn't know what
it would be yet.

I think Witch Week was my first DWJ, by the way.

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That ending is why it's always been one of my least favorite DWJ books.  
The loss of magic and memory....


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