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Wed May 8 13:51:04 EDT 2013

Hello all, longtime lurker here. I discovered DWJ as an adult, about five
years ago, starting with "Charmed Life," and devoured them all as quickly
as I could.

I'd like to start the discussion of Witch Week by bringing up something
that's always bothered me. What do you all think of the ending? I've always
really enjoyed this book--it's so much fun, there are so many colorful
characters and hilarious situations, and the underlying dire situation for
witches gives it a real bite. It's one of the only books I've read that
have made me laugh out loud in public (once in a pizza parlor, once on the
bus). But the ending is a real letdown to me. I always dislike endings that
result in the characters forgetting the whole adventure, and in this story
they forget their entire existence--it melts away. I wish DWJ had come up
with a solution that allowed their distinct world to remain itself, instead
of essentially throwing these interesting characters and relationships
away. I do think the Guy Fawkes angle and the weaving in of Simon's earlier
enchantment are inventive, I just wish she had done something else with

Does anyone else feel this way, or are you comfortable with the way she
resolved it?

Roberta Klarreich

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 2:27 AM, Kylie Ding <kylie_ding at hotmail.com> wrote:

> This month we are reading "The Shape of the Narrative in The Lord of the
> Rings" (found in Everard's Ride, Minor Arcana, Believing is Seeing and
> Reflections: On the Magic of Writing) and The Skiver's Guide.
> We are discussing Witch Week.
> Kylie
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