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Not DWJ, but my family's all time favourite audio book is Margaret Mahy's
The Blood-And-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak read by Richard Mitchley. My husband is convinced it is the best ever. It was a Chivers Audio Book.


On 2 May 2013, at 10:40, Riet Strijker <riet.strijker at gmail.com> wrote:

> I actually have four DWJ books as audiobooks, unabridged of course. I must
> admit that I quite like Jenny Sterlin's reading, although I had to get used
> to her. 
> I also have an audiobook of Rick Riordan, but that is horrible to listen to.
> . 
> It seems that only a few people can read books.. sadly enough.
> I also have enchanted glass as an audiobook, and I haven't heard it all
> through.. because the voice gets on my nerves.
> Hope to hear there are more DWJ audiobooks, I only have the Castle series   
> and enchanted glass
> Riet
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> From: jstallcup at juno.com
> Date: 1-5-2013 22:02:20
> To: dwj at suberic.net
> Subject: Re: [DWJ] Audiobooks
> wowee!  I didn't know any DWJ books were available!
> I listen to audiobooks all the time and have periodically searched for
> ones by her, but have always come up empty-handed.  Now I'm inspired to
> look again--I have only used Audible once so far and perhaps I didn't
> think to look her up when I was on there.
> I never listen to abridged versions.  I really really want the whole
> book.  I had a copy of Bridget Jones's Diary that I didn't realize was
> abridged and I listened to it and was so puzzled--why did I think this
> was so charming and funny when I read it?  it's so lifeless and unfunny
> being read to me.  Then I picked up the novel again and realized that I
> had the abridged audiobook, and that they had taken out ALL of the funny
> bits.  The only thing left was the "romance."  Focusing it like this
> completely killed the book!  What a waste of time and talent--I mean, why
> bother going to all the trouble of putting it on a CD after taking out
> all the bits that actually made it charming?
> Anyway, so, only unabridged for me!  I'm excited to hear that there are,
> apparently, a number of books for me to go order!
> Oh, and Stephen Crossley does a LOVELY job reading Connie Willis' To Say
> Nothing of the Dog, which I discovered through this list.
> So, double thanks for me today!
> Jackie
> On Sun, 28 Apr 2013 15:43:30 -0600 Otter Perry
> <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com> writes:
>> My experience is with Audible USA.
>> In my part of the world, over here west of the Atlantic, the readers
>> of the
>> unabridged ones are Jenny Sterlin for Howl and Gerard Doyle for
>> Chrestomanci. Enchanted Glass is Stephen Crossley.
>> Wild Robert, Earwig and the Witch, and Stopping for a Spell are by
>> three
>> other people. I haven't listened to any of those.
>> Of these, I would say my least favorite is Jenny Sterlin, but
>> they're all
>> perfectly acceptable.
>> [There are no abridged versions available on Audible USA.]
>> USA Audible does not offer Merlin Conspiracy. I don't choose
>> dramatizations, although I enjoyed the three readers for The
>> Baroque Trilogy [not, of course, by Ms. Jones]. It wasn't a
>> dramatization, but two of the characters had specific narrators.
>> As for abridged versions, I never choose them. I have one, _Johnny
>> and the Dead_ written by Sir Terry Pratchett and read by Tony
>> Robinson. [Happy 65th Birthday, Sir Terry!!!] It's a book with
>> which
>> I am quite familiar and which I have read numerous times and have
>> listened to the unabridged version. I must say that it is a really
>> excellent job of abridging and excellently read. [If you ever want
>> my opinions of Terry Pratchett audiobooks, feel free to ask.]
>> On Apr 24, 2013, at 3:15 PM, es at historicalfact.com wrote:
>>> I'm listening to the Merlin Conspiracy at the minute, read by
>> David
>>> Tennant (Nick's bits) and Emilia Fox (Roddy's bits).  It's great,
>> but
>>> Fox's Welsh accent for Gwyn and Roddy's mum sounds just like
>> Kendra from
>>> Buffy, and it's quite distracting!
>>> Has anyone listened to any of the other DWJ audiobooks?  Are they
>> any
>>> good? I'm always a bit suspicious of abridged versions, I prefer
>> the
>>> unabridged ones so I've not put any of the others on the audible
>> wishlist.
>>> I'm really tempted by Miriam Margolyes doing Archer's Goon though!
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