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Wed May 1 16:00:15 EDT 2013

wowee!  I didn't know any DWJ books were available!

I listen to audiobooks all the time and have periodically searched for
ones by her, but have always come up empty-handed.  Now I'm inspired to
look again--I have only used Audible once so far and perhaps I didn't
think to look her up when I was on there.  

I never listen to abridged versions.  I really really want the whole
book.  I had a copy of Bridget Jones's Diary that I didn't realize was
abridged and I listened to it and was so puzzled--why did I think this
was so charming and funny when I read it?  it's so lifeless and unfunny
being read to me.  Then I picked up the novel again and realized that I
had the abridged audiobook, and that they had taken out ALL of the funny
bits.  The only thing left was the "romance."  Focusing it like this
completely killed the book!  What a waste of time and talent--I mean, why
bother going to all the trouble of putting it on a CD after taking out
all the bits that actually made it charming?

Anyway, so, only unabridged for me!  I'm excited to hear that there are,
apparently, a number of books for me to go order!

Oh, and Stephen Crossley does a LOVELY job reading Connie Willis' To Say
Nothing of the Dog, which I discovered through this list.

So, double thanks for me today!


On Sun, 28 Apr 2013 15:43:30 -0600 Otter Perry
<ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com> writes:
> My experience is with Audible USA.
> In my part of the world, over here west of the Atlantic, the readers 
> of the
> unabridged ones are Jenny Sterlin for Howl and Gerard Doyle for
> Chrestomanci. Enchanted Glass is Stephen Crossley.
> Wild Robert, Earwig and the Witch, and Stopping for a Spell are by 
> three 
> other people. I haven't listened to any of those.
> Of these, I would say my least favorite is Jenny Sterlin, but 
> they're all
> perfectly acceptable.
> [There are no abridged versions available on Audible USA.]
> USA Audible does not offer Merlin Conspiracy. I don't choose
> dramatizations, although I enjoyed the three readers for The
> Baroque Trilogy [not, of course, by Ms. Jones]. It wasn't a
> dramatization, but two of the characters had specific narrators.
> As for abridged versions, I never choose them. I have one, _Johnny
> and the Dead_ written by Sir Terry Pratchett and read by Tony
> Robinson. [Happy 65th Birthday, Sir Terry!!!] It's a book with 
> which
> I am quite familiar and which I have read numerous times and have
> listened to the unabridged version. I must say that it is a really
> excellent job of abridging and excellently read. [If you ever want
> my opinions of Terry Pratchett audiobooks, feel free to ask.]
> On Apr 24, 2013, at 3:15 PM, es at historicalfact.com wrote:
> > I'm listening to the Merlin Conspiracy at the minute, read by 
> David
> > Tennant (Nick's bits) and Emilia Fox (Roddy's bits).  It's great, 
> but
> > Fox's Welsh accent for Gwyn and Roddy's mum sounds just like 
> Kendra from
> > Buffy, and it's quite distracting!
> > 
> > Has anyone listened to any of the other DWJ audiobooks?  Are they 
> any
> > good? I'm always a bit suspicious of abridged versions, I prefer 
> the
> > unabridged ones so I've not put any of the others on the audible 
> wishlist.
> > I'm really tempted by Miriam Margolyes doing Archer's Goon though!
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