[DWJ] question about Power of Three

Tina liril at gmx.net
Sat Mar 30 05:02:52 EDT 2013

Am 29.03.13 22:58, schrieb Philip Belben:
>>> I always assumed that it came from the Scandinavian versions of 
>>> Elves and
>>> hidden folk. From memory, doesn't the human man find them at the 
>>> crossroads
>>> on midsummer evening?  And then give them help with an Impossible 
>>> Task? I
>>> need to reread Power of Three, I always loved it. I loved that aha 
>>> moment
>>> when you realised that our heroes were not *humans* in some other 
>>> fantasy
>>> world, but hidden folk in our world...
>> Actually, I was wondering about this lately myself - are there other 
>> books
>> out there which have the same twist, where what seem to be secondary 
>> world
>> humans actually turn out to be "real" world non-humans?  The trouble is,
>> getting any answers to the question would spoil the books, and, as Gin
>> says, it's such a nice moment that I wouldn't really want to have it
>> spoiled!
> In which case it's just as well I can't remember the title.  I have in 
> mind a short story, probably by Asimov, in which there is the 
> inevitable first contact between humans and ETs.  We are kept in the 
> dark right up to the last page as to which is which.  Of course, first 
> time readers will think that the protagonist's species is human, but 
> in fact they are the ETs...

Yes - when I read the question, I thought of the same story (I am pretty 
sure it's by Asimov). And I can't remember the title or the antology I 
read it in, either. Very poignant - I don't remember any of the other 
short stories from that book, but this one stayed with me.


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