[DWJ] question about Power of Three

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Fri Mar 29 17:58:31 EDT 2013

>> I always assumed that it came from the Scandinavian versions of Elves and
>> hidden folk. From memory, doesn't the human man find them at the crossroads
>> on midsummer evening?  And then give them help with an Impossible Task? I
>> need to reread Power of Three, I always loved it. I loved that aha moment
>> when you realised that our heroes were not *humans* in some other fantasy
>> world, but hidden folk in our world...
> Actually, I was wondering about this lately myself - are there other books
> out there which have the same twist, where what seem to be secondary world
> humans actually turn out to be "real" world non-humans?  The trouble is,
> getting any answers to the question would spoil the books, and, as Gin
> says, it's such a nice moment that I wouldn't really want to have it
> spoiled!

In which case it's just as well I can't remember the title.  I have in 
mind a short story, probably by Asimov, in which there is the inevitable 
first contact between humans and ETs.  We are kept in the dark right up 
to the last page as to which is which.  Of course, first time readers 
will think that the protagonist's species is human, but in fact they are 
the ETs...

In fact I think I've read other first contact stories that attempt to do 
a similar thing, but none so successfully.

>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulduf%C3%B3lk

Now that is weird!


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