[DWJ] The Homeward Bounders

Kylie Ding kylie_ding at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 21 05:47:38 EDT 2013

This is not one of my favourite DWJ books to read.  It's really very sad,
and the last line is heartbreaking.  But it's just so good!  I always
thought this book would be perfect as a BBC serial for children's
television.  Much more so than Archer's Goon.  The Homeward Bounders seems
episodic in a way that would fit a TV series format beautifully.  It
wouldn't even take much updating to be set in the present day, rather than
the 80s.  I'd love to see the cricket match filmed!


It was interesting rereading it as an adult and paying attention.  There
were some things I missed as a kid.  I always pictured Konstam as Caucasian,
but it's obvious now that he's not, so I've had to edit the mental image of
him that I formed the first time I read the book.


I do have some questions.  Some of these might have been discussed on the
list before.  Why did Joris picture Konstam as tall?  He was surprised when
Konstam turned up and wasn't tall.  It was only a few days since he'd seen
him, and I'd have thought that even singing his praises he wouldn't confuse
Konstam's height after such a short time.  I also wondered about the
brickwork on the canal.  Jamie was certain the brickwork at Home was plain.
Was he confused after not having seen it for 100 years, or is there another


The Four Grannies was... okay.  I have the same problem with this as with
most of the short stories.  The magic just appears out of nowhere with no



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